Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Twins...

What is it about the twins....?
OK, so they are sometimes identical, sometimes not so identical.
The sure are nice though !! I was speaking to a woman and she referred to her boobs as "The Twins". Now, I am a self confessed boob-man. I dont really know what it is that makes them so attractive, but nearly every man I know has a thing for them.
Is it because we dont really have a set to contend with, or is it a deep seated Freudian thing ? There is a quip that goes....... How do you make a pound of fat look good ? Stick a nipple on it !!
There are good twins and bad ones I suppose..... the ones that point North seem to be better than those facing South I reckon. But even the perkier ones eventually head South for hibernation in the Autumn years. In my reckoning they are great playthings. Good for warming a cold set of ears on cold winter nights (or a lucky pair of hands!):-)
And why is it women have a thing for Bums ? Everyone has one of those ..... I figure they like 'em cos its a great place to grab when the twins are covered by a hairy chest ? I dunno, just seems a bit nuts. Talking of those.... they dont seem to be very popular with the ladies ( I can kinda understand that - not as pleasing to the eyes as a nice set of legs or swanlike neck or ..... you guessed it - a happy set of Twins !)
And yet we arent really allowed to have a good appreciating look at them without getting an earful (of usually fiesty words). It really is most tempting though, and when they get dressed up in a good Sheepdog Bra (rounds them up and points them in the right direction)they are almost impossible to ignore !! Damn it really is a quandry.......
All in all though ..... I find I am always more interested in a woman with a good Carriage (ie she holds herself up straight with her chin up) and can look you in the eye. It normally involves keeping her shoulders back which ..... yes you guessed it - gives the twins a good look at the world !!
It is then that we get pinged for Talking to their Chest ! It sure is a quandry and I think it might just be another one of their many weapons they have at their disposal in their ever-present quest for appreciation.
So....we are damned when we do - and we are damned when we dont !!
What is it with the twins ?


At 9:27 AM, Blogger Terri said...

Glad to see deep thoughts abound in the male psyche. I'll take "Saggy & Droopy" off home now to contemplate...

At 8:28 AM, Blogger BUDDESS said...

The fascination starts young. Jodi also loves his mommy's twins. Nothing wrong with a nice round set of twins!!! Wish I had some.


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