Friday, April 14, 2006

So , Where to next ?

Number plates? Just treat them with contempt

Isn't it about time the venerable but now farcical system of sticking totally forgeable, easily stolen, number plates on motor vehicles ceased? I mean, it really is stupid when you think about it…

The original idea, a century ago, was laudable – back then, making a plate and bolting it to a car was a serious job. Now any Tom, Mary or Mpho can have a set of plates made to order – or simply steal a set – for or from a car of the same make and similar colour and Bob's your Oom.

No more camera-generated speeding tickets – except for the poor sod whose plates were stolen and who will be harassed into the grave by traffic cops bearing summonses and warrants of arrest to be followed by court appearances, contempt of court charges and other legal stuff.

Parking tickets? Any home computer can copy, edit and laser-print a reproduction licence disc with registration, engine and chassis numbers edited to match the false plates.

I submit, your honours, that a mere number plate and a photograph (despite time, date and speed printed thereon) no longer constitute irrefutable evidence and that all such prosecutions be thrown out of court, with costs.

I rest my case


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