Friday, September 23, 2005

A Pair of Venitian Blinds..

The weary travellers have returned. The gifts bought back by the sack load. The money spent. The hangover deserved ! The ball and chain is now nagging me to put up an account of the adventure…….
But you know what ? I aint gonna !
Partly coz Im lazy and partly coz my memory is shot…… What I can tell you is this….:
We left Dublin to go to Venice, the plane was delayed so we went to the pub for a few ………. We got to Somewhere (Marco Polo Airport) that wasn’t Venice very late at night. We got a bus from there to somewhere else where there were “Water Busses” . We got one of them and spent 2 hours puttering across water to another place ( I think it was Murano) . We nearly got off there coz nobody told us not to , but decided to see where else it would go. After getting some directions from another traveller we waited the trip out until we were dropped in Venice at St Marco’s Square. Must have been quite a popular guy this Marco chap……His name was all over the place….. Anyway, There was WATER EVERYWHERE !! Must have been high tide…..
Not seeing any cars or busses we figured we would bum a lift on a boat thingy…(Vapperetto?) Loads of other people must have heard we were cool cos they joined us on our boat….. Some poor guy asked us for 5 bucks each , and then gave us a small piece of paper with weird writing on it and told us it was valuable for 1 and a half hours…. Must have been a thankyou note….
The boat driver was quite considerate and stopped a bunch of times so we could take pictures and some people got off and just never came back ? Daft !
I spotted a name on a building that looked a lot like one on our map so we got off and we found some non flooded streets, so I figured this was a LOT safer to negotiate… After a short walk and a few 50/50 decisions we saw a restaurant. I figured the people in there MUST know how to speak the funny language on my hotel booking thingy…. I asked the woman …” Hi-o ! Do You Know-o the whereabouts of this hotel-o ? She looked at me and her eyes lit up and I thought I was in !! But she went right past me and back out onto the street . I was just about to try my second attempt at my slightly rusty Italian when she flung out one arm and pointed to a wall 4 foot from where I stood. Was it luck or a higher being that had guided me from one side of the world to the other – right up to the point I should have gotten to - and then cruelly turned me to the wrong side of the road ?
So I thought to Myself ……. “ Myself…..You got here so… !” – Much against the beliefs of the Nay-sayers back home in Ireland ( You Know Who !) Someone that I know ,who is the most organised person ever (read "worse than Monica" in FRIENDS) said “ Are you sure you will be ok ? Have you got your passport ? Have you got your toothbrush? Have you got your……” You get where Im going.
Anyway to celebrate the fact we had made it, we went and found a Pub for a few more …… Things got hazy from there and next thing I know it’s a new day !
Twas a great day. Sun shone, went shopping , Saw stuff , Realized the boats were taxis, the tide was always that high, my Italian was rustier than I remembered…..
We ended up back at the hotel after seeing all the touristy stuff . Being hungry I decided it was time to to hit on the lass that so sweetly helped us (From the resturant across the road) the night before, It had started to P*ss down with rain….I mean REALLY Hose down ! That Higher being must have just finished his bath cos Venice was just below his plughole !
Just what Venice needs I thought – More WATER !!
We dashed across the street and swam into the restaurant. We got stuck into a liter of “Wino de Cassa” which went down quite well. Things were getting misty by the time we finished our meal – must have had something to do with all the rain… Not wanting to miss out on the exotic Nightlife we tramped upstream to a little Wine Bar. Now, I am not so good at drinking wine at the best of times ….. The “ Chateau de Callapso” we started drinking in the wine bar made the mist a LOT worse…. So we figured it would be prudent to wander out into the night again. This time we went with the tide and kinda floated down towards an Irish Pub I had spotted earlier. This is where things got a bit messy.
The barman working in the irish Bar in Venice turned out to be the guy who used to serve me in my “Local pub” 50 meters from my front door in Jolly old Ireland…..
Needless to say many, Large ,free, beers found their way down my neck at an alarming rate of knots courtesy of "my new best Mate" and then I mentioned to some woman (who had just ,that day, gotten engaged that day on a Gondola) that ….” Eye-o just love-o Sambucca –o !” Hic !
Too many of those later , the pub closed and she asked us to join her and her new “feeyansay” in a stroll down to the nightclub down the road/lake/river…
The mist was REALLY thick now, but being the never-say-die person that I am ,I agreed…. I think I relinquished control of my navigational equipment and stability platform around then …. I danced up a storm ( read –“Frog in Blender-o”). My Loving sister must have got me home coz next thing I knew it was day again.
The mist had been replaced by what can only be described as the “Fog of War! “ The whole day went past as though I was swimming in treacle, we did some stuff….
That night though, we were back on the lash and The trip home wasn’t really too eventful. I was tired of walking , tired of water, tired of booze and smoking, - I wanted my own bed with someone in it that I didn’t have to speak to in Italian-o . ... :-)
Oh look ...! She got her wish and I did it !! 


At 7:46 PM, Blogger DelBoy said...

It sounds like you had a great time and here's me thinking you can't speak italian! The Venetians all seemed to understand you!

Isn't it amazing how you always seem to bump into an Irishman who WANTS to get you drunk. Same happened to us in an Irish pub in Barcelona!

Plus, it looks like you got home just in time to rescue your poor damsel from her killer cold!

At 11:27 AM, Blogger BUDDESS said...

I'm-o-glad-o-you-o-enjoyed-o-yourself-o!!! I agree with Delboy, it seems your damsel worried herself sick about you.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

I dont think Venice will ever be the same again. Seems you had a great time and that is what counts. The water busses and the convo with the woman had me laughing. I suppose one can get a "water-compatible" version of almost everything in Venice.
Sorry about the rain...

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Bosbefok said...

Thanks All.
Del: anytime you need an interpreter :-)
Buddess: it my turn to worry this weekend - she is off to Terri-orise
Paris this weekend...
Chitty:There was water ?? Yeah i reckon everyone owns one of those "fishing wader sets" Like all in one gumboots and rubber pants !! Hopefully for keeping water OUT :-)

At 6:24 PM, Blogger Terri said...

Well ur damsel was just delighted you got there & back unscathed and laden with gifts :-)
I'll do my best to return the favour from Paris... but as the Word Verfication says:
"amswdzy" - am somewhat dozy

At 2:39 AM, Blogger LiVEwiRe said...

Oh no... tell me you did NOT end everything in '-o'! Sounds like a fun time - and the pic is gorgeous. Say, what's all that water from? ;)


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