Friday, January 19, 2007

Classic chat up line

Two guys sitting in the office chatting, when this girl passes them going to the toilet.
Guy says "I think she's nice"
Guys mate "well nip over and give her the patter"
Guy "the patter?"
Guys mate "aye the patter"
Guy "I don't know any patter I've never found it easy to talk to girls"
Guys Mate "Fu*k's sake its easy, all you have to say is "hello" and
she will say "hello" back.
Then say "it's a nice day isn't it"
Then she will say "Yes it is"
Then you say "but not half as nice as you!"
Then she will say "Oh thank you"
Then the patter will just flow"
Guys Mate "look there she coming back out, go and give it a go"
So nervously off he goes re-running the patter in his head.
He walks up and says "Hello"
She says "Hello"
He says "It's a nice day isn't it?"
She says "Yes it is"
He says "but not half as nice as you"
She says "Oh thank you"
A Few seconds of uneasy silence............
Then he says............
"Been for a sh*te then?"